Media5 Mediatrix VoIP Gateways

Gateways für professionellen VoIP Einsatz



Mediatrix VoIP access devices and secure VoIP gateways are innovative VoIP communication solutions, designed to enable enterprises and service providers the capability to secure the edges of their networks as part of the establishment of secured end-to-end networks, as well as to lower communications costs over any IP link.


Mediatrix products offer an advanced feature-rich set of tools that provide one of the industries best product offerings. In addition to high-quality voice transmissions, Mediatrix products offer the features required to interact effectively with the PSTN.

Moreover, Mediatrix products and solutions integrate advanced security features (e.g. SNMPv3, NAT/firewall traversal). Also, Mediatrix products are designed to be remotely and easily managed, configured and provisioned. To that end, Media5 markets its own element management system, the Unit Manager Network.


The telecommunications industry is comprised of many equipment vendors. Media5's comprehensive products offer seamless integration with the systems of leading vendors of IP telephony solutions, enabling service providers, carriers and system integrators the ability to deploy total end-to-end IP telephony.


Mediatrix products perform all required IP telephony tasks in one small enclosure. They digitize the audio signal and then compress, packetize and manage the flow of digital audio/fax information to permit high-quality, full-duplex communications over any TCP/IP network.

In fact, Mediatrix devices have been designed to support all major industry standards used today, such as the G.711, G.723.1 and G.729ab codecs.


Mediatrix products and solutions provide real cost-effectiveness by leveraging existing equipment and networks. This allows a gradual, scalable implementation and easy integration with service provider and enterprise data networks.

In so doing, Mediatrix products provide all the benefits of Internet telephony (long distance savings, network convergence benefits, IP telephony applications, and so on) while retaining existing legacy telephony equipment.


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